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From: Mike Seeklander, Professional Firearms Instructor

Former U.S. Marine, Federal Air Marshall, Police Office and Federal firearms instructor. A nationally ranked competitor on the practical handgun competition circuit with numerous wins at major matches including a second place finish at the 2007 European Handgun Championship, and top five finishes at the U.S. Nationals, the World Speed Shooting championships and NRA Action Pistol Championships. A Grandmaster (multiple divisions) by the United States Practical Shooting Association and a Master by the International Defensive Pistol Association.
Dear Future Competitive Shooter,

This training program will take you to the next level in your skill development. I hope that it helps you accomplish your shooting goals, and teaches you how to train.  

As a complete training program designed for the practical shooter, this book will give you a complete and functional training program designed to introduce and dramatically increase skills needed to perform your best in practical handgun competitions. No matter where you are in your skill level, this book will take you higher. Dozens of competitive shooters have used this program to win their class, division, or regional titles! 

It is a comprehensive program that contains:
          • Planning/Goal Setting Concepts
          • A Full Mental Training Routine
          • Physical Fitness Guidelines
          • Firearm Training Drills (including a full week by week training program)
          • A Vision training section
          • And more!
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What It Will Do For You
Whenever I teach a class, I try to give a clear and concise statement at the start of the class describing what the class will do for the student. I would like to do the same thing for this program. 
Only you can ultimately guarantee your success with consistent hard work, but this program will give you a clear path to follow on the road to that success. I expect you may jump one or more classes at least (the International Defensive Pistol Association and United States Practical Shooting Association classify shooters based on their skill—for more information visit their websites) if you complete this program from start to finish, and most of you will reach the upper classes (Master or Grandmaster) of the USPSA or IDPA classifications if you follow it for a year or more. 
The biggest obstacle to most people reaching their shooting goals is the lack of a definitive plan. This book and the program contained inside it has done the work of creating a plan for you. If you are a shooting athlete in the practical shooting circuit (consisting of IDPA, USPSA, or specialty sports like Steel Challenge and NRA Bianchi),this book will give you a solid training program to follow for the shooting season. It is complete and ready for you to execute now, and if you’ll work it, it’ll results in your success!
IDPA vs. USPSA Skills
This book and program are equally effective for either IDPA or USPSA and will also help you succeed in the specialty sports. When writing this program, I knew that it would be used by athletes that specialized in USPSA, as well as IDPA (and maybe the specialty sports too). Therefore, I designed it to work just as efficiently for each sport. 
The key to success in any sport is performing the techniques required to win on demand. The athletes winning USPSA are the same ones winning IDPA. The commonality is in the shooting. The training drills you will do with this program are designed as dual-use drills. You will modify them slightly when you decide to use them for another sport like IDPA, by simply putting on a cover garment or adding a piece of simulated cover to work around. I will expand more on this later.
How Long Will It Take?
I design my programs for an entire season and break down the season into post-, pre-and during-season areas. This allows the athlete to go through cycles where they are focusing on key components that need to be done to succeed, all of which are not necessarily (shooting) training. 
Preparation is much deeper than just going to the range to practice, and this program will take you through all phases of preparation, including gear selection and preparation. The program is a year in length, as I will address and assign you things to do in your off season. The live fire (in season) training cycle will be sixteen (16) weeks in length. I will also give you some tips on maintaining your skills after you have finished the 16 week cycle. You will complete the program over an entire shooting season, which for almost all shooting sports is from February throughOctober.
I recommend that you set yourself a target date so that you can finalize your 16-week program a month or more before the biggest match you plan to shoot in the season. This will allow you to modify and fine-tune your skills, so that you peak and are at your best during that big match.
Program Overview
The following table will list the elements of the program that you will go through during your training year. Understand that we will also have a modification plan that will allow you to increase or decrease your sessions per week and still get the value you need. The following is the minimumI recommend if you are very serious and want to really increase your skill over a shooting season. The program can/should be repeated over multiple seasons, and one of the later chapters of this book discusses the process of reviewing your season notes and modifying your program. 
The program consists of three separate phases of training. These three phases will increase in difficulty as you go through the program. Phase II and III will include tougher drills because of the increased distances and more complex drills. All training drills are simple, yet effective. 
An overview of the program (you may modify this slightly under my guidance) is shown below:
Six Modules Of Success
There are six key areas that you will focus on to ensure your success. They are: 
     • Live Fire Training
     • Dry Fire Training 
     • Visual Training 
     • Mental Training
     • Physical Fitness 
     • Game Day Quizzes (Matches)
The symbiotic effect of doing all of these training modules in a systematic manner will increase your skill more than the raw results of the area alone. Your training program isa systematic set of processes that will give you the skills needed to reach your goal, rather than a random set of practice sessions that are unlikely to work as well. You will make much more progress with this program than just by doing random training drills.
Key Parts Of A Training Program
Your training program is broken down into different pieces, which serve a separate purpose. They are as follows:
     • Yearly Plan
     • Monthly Training Matrix
     • Daily Training Plans
     • Training Drill Sheets (live and dry fire)
     • Log Sheets
The following chart shows the relationship of each of these components will give you an idea of what each piece of your training program will do for you.
Frequently Asked Questions
I thought that you would have some questions, so I have decided to try and address them before you ask (once you have read this program, I am available for you if you have further questions—simply visit my website and email me or fill out the question form). They are as follows:
“This program is very detailed and specific. Is it necessary for me to follow it exactly?”
Answer: I recommend that you follow the program as closely as possible for the first 16weeks or more. I have done the work for you in this program, so you can focus on training! Small modifications are OK, but give the whole program a chance to succeed before you start modifying it.
“Can I use my own drills or drills from programs like Rob Leatham’s drillmaster, etc. with this program?” 
Answer: Yes, you may supplement the program with other drills as long as you have taken the time to ensure the additional drill is well designed. Do the drills that I have assigned in this program, and then add some additional drills to your training sessions if you choose to do so.
The drills don’t seem complex, like a stage would be. Will they teach me what I need to know?
Answer: Yes, you might be able to build and do more complicated drills, but all of mine are designed with the minimalist concept in mind. I know most of you have very limited time, equipment, and range limitations that require simple yet effective drills to do the job. With four targets, a few props, and key information I promise to teach you more with my drills than you would learn by setting up and shooting complex stages. I believe you should develop your skills and think of them like pieces of a puzzle. When you have to “put the puzzle together” i.e. shoot a complex stage, simply pick the pieces you need and fit them together.
How do I refer to the drills while at the range?
Answer: You can certainly take the book with you, but for your convenience if you email me with proof of purchase of this book, I will email you a smaller PDF version of the drills that you can take to the range.
Is there another reference such as a video of these drills?
Answer: In a short period of time I will be completing a DVD with the training drills in action. This will greatly assist you in seeing what they look like when performed.

A Message From Phil Strader

Former President of the USPSA
Shortly after buying Shooters Paradise in Woodbridge, VA, I had the urge to put together a competition shooting team. It started out as simply a way to give myself a small tax write off, but I figured I might as well help out a few friends along the way. I still remember having a conversation with one of my best friends, Ron Francisco, nearly 10 years ago. “You need to sponsor Mike Seeklander,” he said. “Mike who?” I responded.

Actually, I had met Mike a couple years earlier at the USPSA Limited Nationals but didn’t really remember. Maybe it was because I was too wrapped up in my own rise to the top. Maybe it was because I was too distracted by all of the world-class shooters I was in the mix with...the same people I had read about and idolized for several years. When I stop and think about Mike and his personality, I know now that it was probably because he was unassuming and modest. Just a quiet guy who is now a top-level competitor and instructor, but you would never know it unless you pried it out of him yourself.

I’ll never forget our first trip together when we travelled to the 2003 South Carolina Section Championship. I had already established myself as a top contender in practical shooting, and Mike was the most inquisitive person I had ever met. He wanted to know everything from my training regiment, to what I saw when the gun fired, to what I ate before a match! I just as- sumed back then that he was merely making small talk. Now I realize that whenever I gave him my take on things, he was processing everything I said. He was systematically laying the bricks in the foundation of his future career as a professional shooter and instructor...whether we knew it or not!

Throughout the years, our jobs have changed, as well as our professional relationship. But I’ve still managed to see that he is one of the most analytical shooters on the planet. His questions and endless quest for knowledge surely didn’t stop with me. He went on to pick the brains of many of the best competitive and tactical operators in the world, morphing his findings with his own techniques and styles into an easily usable and understandable guide to success.

Mike and I still compete and train together today. We share the same love for the sport of competitive shooting, the same drive to succeed, and the same commitment to improving oth- ers in the sport. Hell, we even share the same birthday! On the other hand, we have reached our goals in very different ways. Mike has managed to pave a very defined and logical path to suc- that I’m confident that anyone who is interested in improving their shooting will benefit from. I only wish he would have written this book 15 years ago!

It is my hope that you will benefit from Mike’s hard work as much as he has. I can promise you that the only way to make it happen is to TRAIN HARD!

Phil Strader
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