Welcome To The Warrior One 18-Session Firearms + Fitness Training Program
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Welcome to Warrior One! 
Taking this course is a step in the right direction in becoming truly Harder to Kill. This program is combination from the minds of Atomic Athlete Fitness Instructor Jake Saenz and Shooting-Performance Firearms Instructor Mike Seeklander after we were discussing a MARJOR problem:
There are literally thousands of individuals in the U.S. that own, and even carry a handgun with them, but VERY FEW are prepared to use it.
Keep in mind that effectively using a handgun, i.e. winning a fight is going to take skill and mindset. 
The skill comes from training. 
Most people make the mistake of thinking that they have to shoot on the range for days on end to develop that skill. This simply isn’t true! Dry fire training in short, robust and directed sessions is a great skill developer. That combined with dedicated live fire training sessions that mirror the skills you develop in dry fire will take your handgun shooting ability to a very high level. 
However, being Harder to Kill requires more than just shooting skills. It requires combatives, fitness, medical skills, situational awareness and the ability to execute those tasks under extreme physical stress.
A program of this nature has been in our minds for a long time now, and by linking up together we finally have true subject matter experts in the both the fitness and shooting industries contributing their knowledge to this project. 
This program is meant to take 6 weeks to complete while training 3 times per week. Do them in order, with at least one day of rest between each.You will start and finish the program with both a physical and shooting assessment. 
You have three sessions per week to go through, two of them dry fire and one live fire. If you can not shoot live fire once a week, you can stack two sessions together during one weekend day. Just make sure to take at least a 30 min to 1 hour break between the training sessions.  
This is just the first version, and we started simple. Over time we'll develop more advanced versions of this for all levels of athletes.  
There are 3 key fitness areas we will focus on: Strength Endurance, Work Capacity + Core, and Aerobic Conditioning
Technique: Low Light System Principles
Technique: Room Search & Movement
Dry Fire Drill: One-Handed Eye Index
These Are All The Handgun Skills We Will Go Over In This 6-Week Course:
Two-Handed Grip
One-Handed Grip
Sight Management
Trigger Management
Draw Process
Drawing From A Holster
 Drawing & Pivoting
 Drawing & Moving Offline
 Drawing While Clearing A Person Out Of The Way
 Tap Rack Magazine Manipulation
 Clearing Phase I & II Malfunctions
 Static Reload
 Stepping Reload
AND When You Order Today, You'll Get $121 In Bonuses For FREE:
Bonus #1: Home Defense :: Search & Clearing ($37 Value)
Bonus #2: Weapon Retention / Combatives ($67 Value)
Bonus #3: Less Lethal Weapon Skills ($17 Value)
Less Lethal weapons include chemical sprays, electronic stun guns, and impact weapons that are not meant to kill, but in some cases can. Less Lethal weapons such as the C-2 taser stun gun are some of the best tools you can utilize in your self-defense plan and this bonus will show you how.
OFFER RECAP: This power program bundle will show you the concepts, routines and drills necessary to win the low light fight... You'll get an 80+ Page Program Manual & 13 Instructional Videos AND these 3 Personal Defense Bonuses Courses with over 2 hours of additional tactical training when you order today including:
     - BONUS #1: Home Defense :: Search & Clearing
     - BONUS #2: Weapon Retention / Combatives
     - BONUS #3: Less Lethal Weapon Skills
Meet Your Instructors
Mike Seeklander
     - Co-host of The Best Defense, the Outdoor channels leading firearm instructional show
     - Previous Chief Operating Officer, Director of Training and a Senior Instructor at the U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Ok
     - Previous Branch Chief and Lead Instructor for the Firearms division with the Federal Air Marshal Service
     - Previous Senior Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
     - Previous Law Enforcement Officer with the Knox County Sherriff’s Department
     - US Marine Corps combat veteran of Desert Storm/Shield
He has extensive formal training and experience in all phases of military and law enforcement training. Mike is a highly sought after tactical and competitive trainer and a high level performer on the competition handgun circuit.
Having competed in the shooting sports nationally, Mike adds to this experience with more than 15 years of experience in various martial arts holding multiple ranks including a Black Belt in Okinawan Freestyle Karate.
Jake Saenz
Coach Jake Saenz is a former Army Special Operations Soldier with multiple combat and non-combat deployments overseas. After returning to the United States he got his Bachelor's degree from Texas State University in Business and started Atomic Athlete in the summer of 2009.

Jake has coached athletes of all levels from UFC fighters, Force Recon Marines, Professional Mountain Guides, FBI agents, Professional Triathletes, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Professional Skiers / Snowboarders, and everyday athletes.

Coach Saenz is a Certified Strength and Condioning Specialist through the NSCA and founded Atomic Athlete.
Jake Saenz
Preview The 1st of 18 Training Sessions :: Two-Handed Grip Fundamentals:
6 Week Program :: 18 Training Sessions :: 26 Total Training Videos
PT Session 1: Strength Endurance
Warm-up: 3 rounds
     • 100 meter run
     • 5x Push-ups
     • 5x Lunge e/s
     • 5x Mantis
1) 5 Rounds – 1 round every 90 secs
     • 20 seconds Squat Jumps or Jump Lunge
     • 70 seconds Rest
2) 5 Rounds – 1 round every 90 secs
     • 20 seconds Push-ups
     • 70 seconds Rest
3) 5 Rounds
     • 85% Max Reps Pull-up or Horizontal Pull-up
     • 60 second Rest
Additional Physical Training Notes:
Hitting 3 strength endurance efforts today. Each new round start with the jumping variation. For part one you can choose either the jump squat or jump lunge. The jump lunge is the more challenging of the two. You’ll work for 20 seconds then rest for 70, for a total of 90 seconds. 

You need to work as fast as possible while doing the movements correctly. If you hit failure or have a severe decrease in movement integrity then just drop into regular squats or lunges for the remaining time. 

Expect to hit failure on the push-ups, when you do simply transition to doing them on your knees. I know what you are thinking, “on my knees? That’s for girls...” We are looking for constant work during the 20 second period here, not a set number of “Man reps”. 

Part 3 is programmed as 85% max reps of either Pullups or Horizontal Pullups. For heavier athletes you will probably need to horizontal variation. 85% of max reps means that you work to where you are about 3 reps shy of failure. 

For some athletes this may be 10-15 reps and for others this may be 4-6 reps. As you move through the rounds expect your reps to start to decrease. For example my pull-up volume would look like 15 – 13 – 11 – 10 – 9. Each athlete will have a different training volume
Advanced Training:
     • 8 rounds of each circuit, focus on fast but high quality reps
     • Lower Body circuit add 15-25lbs of external loading in either a backpack or wear a plate carrier
     • Circuit 1 should be done at a higher intensity than Circuit 2 as there is rest 
     • Move at a hard pace but not maximal 
     • 200 meter run means run, not jog
FT Session 1: Extend Prep and Press (EPP)
Perform a minimum of
     • 20 repetitions at your TTS Speed,
     • 20 repetitions at your MTTS speed, and
     • 20 repetitions dropping the time
     • Technically Correct - The act of ensuring that all elements of the technique are correct in every possible way.
     • Technical Training Speed (TTS) - The speed at which you should train when learning a technique. There is no emphasis on going fast here, just performing perfect repetitions.
     • Maximum Technical Training Speed (MTTS) - The fastest speed you can do any given technique meeting all of the elements of technical correctness.
Additional Firearms Training Notes:
Purpose: To work on building the grip properly, seeing the sights, and managing the trigger on the second half of the draw process. 
Start position: High Ready [HR] (where hands meet after draw). 
Target type and setup: One 1/3 size small target (humanoid shape) set directly in front of the shooter at room distance (5-7 yards). 
Action(s): On the sound of the timer, extend the gun from the HR while managing the sights and trigger (visual shift and verification), and dry fire one shot, aiming at the center of the appropriate target. Go through a scan process before administratively working the slide to prepare for the next training repetition. 
Goal Time: 1.0 seconds
Handgun Session Tips:
     • Sight and trigger management
     • Building a proper grip for recoil control, and
     • Mimick the pressure you will use during live fire.
What You'll Get When You Order Today:
  • Downloadable Access To All 26 Fitness, Technique & Handgun Drill Training Videos ($97 Value) - Be able to easily train at home or download and take to the gym or range with you on your phone or tablet
  • Downloadable Access To All Current & Future Defensive Handgun LIVE Training Session Replays ($67+ Value)
  • Shooting-Performance Training Addicts Private Facebook Group (Priceless)
That's $164 in Handgun & Fitness Training Tools!
HOWEVER because I want to get as many people to be able to survive a gunfight as possible, I'm not going to charge close to that...
A 1-Day Handgun Class with me will cost you $200-$400 (not including travel costs / ammo) and once the day is over, you have nothing to go back to that helps keep up with your training.
But if you act today I'm not going to even ask for half of that!
Normally it retails for $99, but when you act today you can claim your copy of this Warrior One Training Program on Digital Download for ONLY $7!!
AND with Warrior One, you'll have lifetime access to over 2 hours of video training that you can go back to and review at anytime PLUS you can ask Mike & Jake questions throughout your program in the PRIVATE Facebook group, to an exclusive email address and on future live streams Mike will be doing ALL YEAR LONG!
To Recap: That's $164 of PREMIUM Training from Two Highly Sought After Fitness & Firearms Trainers for ONLY $7!
HURRY THOUGH! We can change our minds and put the price back up to $99 at any time!
When you order today you can upgrade to the Warrior Bundle & receive $151 in ADDITIONAL TRAINING for only $37!
Warrior Medical
$37 Value
Waiting for the ambulance to arrive could mean the difference between life and death. Learn the basic skills to taking care of a wound after being shot.
Weapon Retention / Combatives
$67 Value
Sometimes even when we are armed it is essential to understand the role of combatives when trying to win a fight. This course covers self-defense skills you can use to defend your gun against an attack or when you are armed but can not shoot for whatever reason
Introduction To Competitive Shooting
$67 Value
Shooting in matches induces similar sensations you'll experience in a lethal encounter: adrenaline dumps, auditory exclusion, and tunnel vision. I haven't found a better way to experience these feelings in a safe environment and this 2.5 hour video series will get you from knowing nothing to getting you signed up in your first match with the confidence knowing you've prepared yourself to shoot your best.
That's $329 In Personal Defense Training!
These additional courses are designed to complement your Warrior One Training Program with one goal in mind: Making you Harder to Kill. You will want to: 

(1) know how to treat a knife or gunshot wound

(2) you'll want to know how to take on an attacker if you're unable to shoot him and 

(3) you'll be happy to have competitive match experience with adrenaline dumps, auditory exclusion and tunnel vision if you're ever attacked and only have muscle memory to depend on to save your life.
Order Your Warrior One Training Program For Only $7 Today!
Recap Of What You'll Get Today For $7:
  • Downloadable Access To All 26 Fitness, Handgun Technique & Firearm Drill Training Videos
  • 6-Week, 18-Session Training Program
  • 3 Fitness Workouts / Week
  • 3 Firearm Workouts / Week (2 Dry Fire, 1 Live Fire)
It's The BEST WAY To Train Yourself For Peak Shooting Performance
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Recap Of What You'll Get Today For $37:
  • Downloadable Access To All 26 Fitness, Handgun Technique & Firearm Drill Training Videos
  • 6-Week, 18-Session Training Program
  • 3 Fitness Workouts / Week
  • 3 Firearm Workouts / Week (2 Dry Fire, 1 Live Fire)
  • EXTRA COURSE: Warrior Medical
  • EXTRA COURSE: Weapon Retention / Combatives
  • EXTRA COURSE: Introduction to Competitive Shooting
Firearms, Fitness, Medical, Combatives & Situational Awareness Bundle
MY GUARANTEE TO YOU: I'm so confident that this course will get you reaching your defensive handgun & fitness goals faster than any other program out there, I'm ALSO giving you a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! That's right, if after the first 60-Days of following the program you aren't faster, more accurate and more confident in the dark with your defensive shooting skills, send me an email and I'll give you a no-questions-asked refund. 
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