A 2-Day (16-Hour) In-Person class on ONE SUBJECT with me costs over $400, not including travel costs, and once the day is over you have nothing to go back to that helps keep up with your training.
With These 2 Societies You'll Get INSTANT ACESS to over 150 HOURS of Personal Defense & Competitive Shooting training ON MULTIPLE SUBJECTS
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Member Benefits:
  • 1 Live ZOOM One-on-One New Member Video Coaching Call to go over your current skill level and help develop a personalized training routine based on your goals
  • Downloadable Access To 18 Personal Defense & Competitive Shooting Training Programs That You Can Watch On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet (Over 350 videos)
  • 2-4 Live ZOOM Group Interactive Video Coaching Calls Per Month where you turn on the camera and I can give REAL-TIME feedback on what you're doing wrong and how to correct it!
  • Access to all Facebook Live Video Replays including Daily Dryfire Challenge and any other live technique & training videos (Over 100 current training videos)
  • PRIVATE Facebook Group & Community where you can interact with other like minded warriors, ask questions and find other personal defenders in your area to practice with
  • 15% Discount In The Shooting Performance Store on training books and DVDs, shirts, coffee mugs and other accessories
Choose How You Want To Access This Training:
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Preview What A Complete Training Session Looks Like:
PT Session One: Strength Endurance
FT Session One: Maximizing the Two Handed Grip
Drill Resource
FT Session One: Introduction To Dry-Fire Drills
FT Session One: Extend Prep & Press Drill
This is by far the best training program you will find that will get you to your next level in IDPA. It is the ONLY program you'll find that takes this in-depth of a systematic approach to improving your skills. There is nothing else on the market like it! 
"A systematic, session by session program designed for the Action Shooter. This program was born from a desire to provide comprehensive, systematic training in an easy to follow and access format. It will guarantee your success." - Phil Strader, Former USPSA President
AND When You Order Today, You'll Get $158 In Bonuses For FREE:
Bonus #1: Introduction To Competitive Shooting Series ($67 Value)
Bonus #2: New Shooter Basic Handgun Video Series ($37 Value)
Bonus #3: Stage Breakdown Video Series ($27 Value)
Bonus #4: Competition Shooting Technique Primer ($27 Value)
This PDF covers the 21 Competition Handgun Techniques every shooter needs to master to win more matches including:
     - The Firing Cycle
     - Trigger Management
     - Grip Management / Recoil Control
     - Reloading Skills including Saved Magazine Loads, Tactical Reload, Unsaved Magazine Loads and Emergency Reloads
     - Shooting On The Move
     - Pivoting And Stepping
     - Target Index Points
     - Principles of All Activator Type Targets like Swingers, Sliders, Bobbers, Clam Shells and Drop-Turners
Choose How You Want To Access This Membership:
What You'll Get:
  • Downloadable Access To 14 Personal Defense Training Programs That You Can Watch On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet
  • Up to 4 New Videos a Month on Member Requested Content
  • Monthly ZOOM Video Group Coaching Sessions
  • Downloadable Access to 10+ PDFs including 2 Complete Program Manuals for Handgun & Rifle
  • New Member Assessment and 4 Skills Tests to Track Improvements Before & After Training Programs
  • Training Log To Keep Track Of Your Progress During Training Programs
  • PDF of 18 Fitness Workouts
  • PDF of Sample Training Schedules Based On How Much Time You Have Daily To Train
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Normally 1 Month Dues = $67
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MY GUARANTEE TO YOU: I'm so confident that this course will get you having fun while becoming a better shooter, I'm ALSO giving you a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! That's right, if after the first 60-Days of following the program you aren't faster, more accurate and having more fun, send me an email and I'll give you a no-questions-asked refund. You can ACTUALLY finish the 6-Week course and get your money back (but I hope you don't abuse that)!
Digital Download
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Includes Your 4 Fast Action Bonuses (ends soon):
     1) Intro To Comp Shooting
     2) New Shooter Basic Handgun
     3) Stage Breakdown Video Series
     4) Competition Shooting Technique Primer PDF 
Books & DVDs
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Includes Fast Action Bonuses PLUS:
     - IDPA Mastery DVD
     - Physical Copy of Your Competition Handgun Training Program Book
     - Physical Copy of Your Training Logbook
Digital + Books/DVDs
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Includes Digital & Physical Copies Of Course Materials PLUS Your 4 Fast Action Bonuses (ends soon)!
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