Check Out These 4 Essential Competition Shooting Technique Videos
These videos are from the Competitive Shooting Crash Course by Shooting Performance: an introductory competition shooting training program that covers EVERYTHING YOU NEED to walk into your first match & compete with confidence
Are You Interested In Competitive Shooting, But Don't Know Where To Start?
Check Out This Competitive Shooting Crash Course That Covers Everything You Need To Walk Into Your First Match & Compete With Confidence
From: Mike Seeklander, Sponsored & Nationally Ranked Shooter
Former U.S. Marine, Federal Air Marshall, Police Officer and Federal firearms instructor. A nationally ranked competitor on the practical handgun competition circuit. USPSA Grandmaster and IDPA Master.
Are you looking to improve your marksmanship skills?
Have you been looking for a way to increase your gun manipulation skills?
Do you have the confidence that you will perform your best under stress and pressure defensively?
Competition shooting has the ability to help you in all these areas WHILE you get to have fun shooting at the same time!
The impact of competition shooting while having a defensive mindset can be extremely beneficial. It will help you understand how the adrenaline rushes through your body and what you will need to do if you need to use your weapon in real life.
But the competition world is very intimidating and there really isn't much information easily available about how to get into competition shooting and what you need in your matches!
What Will This Course Do For You?
1) It's going to improve your marksmanship skills, at speed and under some stress and pressure
Believe me, when you shoot your first stages you're going to feel your heart rate go up!
2) It's going to increase your manipulation skills with your firearm. 
3) It's going to introduce you to people that are better than you
Think about that. Everyone knows that competing makes you better. So all of those things are positive for you, irregardless of why, or how you use a firearm. 
What You'll Get:
1) Simple, down to earth and easy to understand video series
2) Includes some great live-fire drills that you could do dry-fire as well, including the technique behind the drills
3) Everything you're going to need to know to get started at your first match.
Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In Each Section:
 The stages and matches you’ll find in USPSA vs IDPA sports
 What equipment you’ll need for the different sports
 The different divisions inside the different sports
 How scoring differs between the various sports and divisions
 Which matches involve shooting rifles, handguns, shotguns or a combination of all three
 Why you should compete in something that you enjoy rather than what someone recommends
 Learn the different range commands you’ll hear at a match and what to do when you hear them
Gear Used In Each Sport
 Different gear for IDPA vs USPSA matches
 Why you may like USPSA belts more than IDPA
 Why you always need to bring a hat
 Why you should start competitive shooting with you EDC gun
 The 2 advantages you’ll have with electronic hearing protection
 The benefit of having different magazines for training and matches
 When you can and can’t use a holster with a belt loop attachment
 Why you should invest in glasses with different shooting lens arrays
Gripping The Handgun
 Learn the proper grip that is critical to performing well in your first match
 Why pressure placement is key when gripping your handgun
 How your support hand grip is just as important as your dominant hand grip
 The differences between shooting a revolver vs a semi-automatic
 Why you should grip the gun almost as hard as you can
 What you should do with the palms of your hands when gripping the handgun
 See how your grip determines your recoil control
 How crushing walnuts will help you with setting up your grip
Trigger / Sight Management & Target Acquisition
Preview This ENTIRE Section:
The Draw Process
 Why your draw is a skill set you need to master
 Learn the key principles you need to follow to have a great draw
 How to properly draw from concealment for competition
 What the surrender position is and how to draw from it
 The importance of moving both hands at the same speed
 The differences in your draw for short, medium and long shots
 What the “judy chop” is and how you can use it to your advantage
 Why having your support hand chasing the gun hand is a bad thing
 How to keep a consistent draw with your strong hand
 How to place your magazines on your belt for the quickest reload
 How to properly grip your magazines to avoid fumbling when getting the magazine inside of the gun
 Learning where your “sweet spot” is for your magazine to avoid stopping points
 Which matches you’re allowed to do “speed reloads”
 When it’s ok to do reloads with retention/ tactical reloads
 Learn drills to master your different reload styles
 How to use the slide lock reload to your advantage
 How to effectively perform an emergency reload
Pivoting / Stepping and Drawing
 How to properly pivot and draw so you are square to the target
 How your shot will be affected if you’re twisted up when you shoot
 Why you should imagine a rod connecting your head and your pivot foot
 Why you want to avoid stepping to the rear
 How to always get into a good stance
 How to step and still have a low, aggressive stance
 Why gliding your feet will help you more than stepping really high
 Learn the two types of steps and when to use each type
 How to avoid getting your feet tangled up when stepping
Preparing For Your First Match
 20+ live fire and dry fire drills
 Practicing different drills at different speeds
 Why you should dry fire every time between live firing at the range
 How to navigate the IDPA and USPSA websites to find a local match or club
 The right time to jump into a match
 Why you shouldn’t listen to others telling you when you’re ready for your first match
 The #1 way to get better in competition shooting
 How the different websites lay out what you’re looking for so you aren’t confused when you first get to the site
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