Welcome To The Low Light Fight Training Program
Develop The Skills Needed To Survive A Gunfight In Low Light Conditions
(When you're most likely to get attacked by a predator)
Preview Some Videos From Inside This Course:
Technique: Low Light System Principles
Technique: Room Search & Movement
Dry Fire Drill: One-Handed Eye Index
Live Fire Drill: Medium Range Index & Shoot
Facebook Live: Low Light Rifle Setup & Tips
Dry Fire Drill: 
Stationary Transition To Handgun
Check Out All The Low Light Skills We Will Go Over In This Course:
1: Low Light Principles :: The Keys To Low Light Fighting
2: Gear Talk :: The Right Low Light Tools to Win the Fight
3: Shooting & Combatives :: Threats At 1-3 Yards
4: Light Search & Engage Techniques :: Finding And Addressing The Threat At 3+ Yards
5: Room Search and Movement :: Key Low Light Tactics
6: Low Light Training Drills :: Dry Fire & Live Fire Skill Development
7: Defensive Rifle :: Setting Up For Low Light
AND When You Order Today, You'll Get $121 In Bonuses For FREE:
Bonus #1: Home Defense :: Search & Clearing ($37 Value)
Bonus #2: Weapon Retention / Combatives ($67 Value)
Bonus #3: Less Lethal Weapon Skills ($17 Value)
Less Lethal weapons include chemical sprays, electronic stun guns, and impact weapons that are not meant to kill, but in some cases can. Less Lethal weapons such as the C-2 taser stun gun are some of the best tools you can utilize in your self-defense plan and this bonus will show you how.
OFFER RECAP: This power program bundle will show you the concepts, routines and drills necessary to win the low light fight... You'll get an 80+ Page Program Manual & 13 Instructional Videos AND these 3 Personal Defense Bonuses Courses with over 2 hours of additional tactical training when you order today including:
     - BONUS #1: Home Defense :: Search & Clearing
     - BONUS #2: Weapon Retention / Combatives
     - BONUS #3: Less Lethal Weapon Skills
Are You As Good As You Want To Be?

From: Mike Seeklander, Nationally Recognized Professional Firearms Instructor

Former U.S. Marine, Federal Air Marshall, Police Office and Federal firearms instructor, Co-Host of The Best Defense T.V. Show on the Outdoor Channel. 
Dear Defensive Shooter, Warrior, Defender:
This is going to be a completely different angle on the low light solution, so get ready to master some effective techniques for dealing with low light situations. 
One of the things that you're going to find in many books and videos that are on the market today—and some that are very high quality—is that often times their focal point is only on the shooting solution: How do I get the handgun on threat, and what flashlight technique do I use?
The reality is, when you're using a light with your handgun to search somewhere like your home or a parking lot in the dark, there are all kinds of different skill sets you need to be aware of that are separate from shooting like:
     - How to open the door
     - How to defend your head against a strike if someone is two or three feet away 
     - How to throw a counterstrike with a flashlight if the confines and quarters are too close for you to use your handgun
     - How to shoot from different positions, whether from a retracted position or from an extended position
Because I discuss these other aspects of the low light solution, thisapproach is going to be completely different than what you're used to.
Understand very clearly that this is for integration of the flashlight and the handgun as well as the rifle in a low light environment to increase your survivability and win in a low light environment.
Since this book also contains training drills formatted to help you practiceyour skills, I consider it a “training program.” Thank you for choosing this book!Now, let’s get down to business. Let's talk about the principles that your low lightsystem must have in it.
First of all, your flashlight technique must allow you to defend your head.That defense could be against a punch, or it could be against someone throwing ahammer at you that they stole out of your garage.
Your flashlight technique must be very diverse and give you the ability toprotect your head, shoot, and should also allow you to throw a strike seamlessly aspart of your low light plan. By this, I mean an instinctive, very fast strike todisrupt the threat in some way to allow you to move on to your next action.Remember, that strike may need to be thrown before you can shoot yourhandgun.
The bottom line is that while I really want you to develop the skills I havewritten about in this book, it would be gimmicky and dishonest if I did not pointout what might even be more important. Additionally, if I really had to prioritizelow light skills I would probably have you focus more on the defensive and combativeaspects of using a flashlight to strike with, defend with and search with effectivelyas more important than the ability to build a good shooting position. Ican think of dozens of times the average homeowner or other person may have tosearch, defend, or strike with a light before they might ever have to shoot with it.
That said, the way you prioritize your training should also depend on whoyou are and what you do.
If you are a police officer working the night shift you are significantly more likely to be using your low light skills than the average civilian. 
As a young police officer I rarely had a night shift end without searching a building or warehouse with my flashlight after an alarm call or report of suspicious character on the premises.
I’ll close with this…if you can’t quickly and accurately draw and engage a threat at five yards from your carry holster, put this book down and hit the range during daylight conditions first. Check out the first defensive handgun course I made: Your Defensive Handgun Training Program
The low-light skill while a critical one is secondary to having the basic ability to manipulate and shoot your handgun well. Remember that in all of your training, prioritize and execute. 
Once you have developed a solid level of skill though, the beginning your training with the addition of low light manipulation and shooting is a must, for if you end up needing that particular skillset, things have gotten a bit edgy.
Until Then - Train Hard!
-Mike S.
What's Inside Your Low Light Fight Training Program
 7 Technique Training Videos 
 5 Dry Fire Drills 
 5 Live Fire Drills
     (13-Videos, 80-Minutes)
 Low Light Fight Training Program 
 Low Light 101 Skills And Drills Book
Your Low Light Fight Training Program Book is the most in-depth guide on the topic ever created that actually gives you actionable steps to improve your skills.
Chapter1: Low Light Principles - The Keys To Low Light Fighting
This chapter addresses:
 Understanding that without handgun skills, flashlight skills are useless
 Review low light shooting statistics
 Are you going to hold the light Separated or Integrated?
 Advantages & disadvantages to weapon mounted lights
 Realize the goals our low light "system" must allow us to do
 Analyze potential techniques that will allow you to select the best one for you
 Understanding the differences in searching for a threat A) before the threat is located or B) once a potential threat is located
Chapter 2: Gear Talk - Selecting the Proper Low Light Tools to Win the Fight
This chapter addresses:
 What night sights are, if you need them and if there is a better sight for your needs
 What to actually focus on when choosing a weapon-mounted light for your handgun
 When you'll want to use a handheld light instead of a weapon mounted light
 Why you should learn handheld light skills with sub-compacts
Chapter 3: Shooting And Combatives - Dealing With The Threat At 1-3 Yards
This chapter addresses:
 Different positions to keep your gun when searching through rooms, hallways and around corners
 Caging - How to protect your head from getting hit and keeping yourself from getting knocked down
 The 3 different striking styles and the best one for different situations
Chapter 4: Light Search And Engage Techniques - Finding And Addressing The Threat At 3+ Yards
This chapter addresses:
 What the key feature to any weapon-mounted light is
 What to practice to strengthen muzzle control with a weapon mounted light
 With a Weapon Mounted Light The differences in using your weapon mounted light in Search and Engage modes
 What to practice to become confident in your skills if you decide to shoot the bad guy
 What I look for in reliable handheld lights
 3 reasons why I don't like the Chin Index one-handed light technique
 The Eye Index technique that I teach, which is modified from the neck index I learned at the Federal Air Marshal Training Academy
 Why you need to use the gun and light separately and appropriately when you're in Search Mode instead of the Eye Index
 I'll go over Eye Index drills for you to practice
 The rare occasions two-handed techniques are necessary
 What two-handed technique is best for you? Harries Technique and Bill Rogers’ Technique
 When to decide to go two-handed
Chapter 5: Room Search and Movement - Key Tactics In Your Low Light Plan
This chapter addresses:
 How to open a door while maintaining your grip on your flashlight and your gun
 Why having a friend set up surprises during training will help take you to the next level
 The value of a strobe feature and how to effectively use it to your advantage
 The setup lots of light companies are selling that you need to AVOID
Chapter 6: Low Light Training Drills - Dry Fire And Live Fire Skill Development
5 Dry Fire Drills | 5 Live Fire Drills
 Skills Trained
 Low Light Training Schedule
 Refer to Your Defensive Handgun Training Program for advanced skill developing low light drills
BONUS CHAPTER: Defensive Rifle - Setting Up For Low Light
This chapter addresses:
 Light Selection
 Light Placement
 Light Use With A Rifle
 Alternate Lighting Solutions
Think of each chapter you go through as a step in the process you need to go through to developyour skill and truly prepare yourself for a lethal encounter.
TIP: If your low light position or technique does not allow you to defend your head, it has failed you!
Improper Light Position, Shadow Covers Hand
Proper Light Position, Shadow Covers Hand
This picture shows the shadow effect from having the light too low, which covers up portions of the threat and/ or their hand limiting your ability to make decisions.
This is how to handle a door. Notice the muzzle position (not covering hand) and also the handheld light in my hand.
Watch This Technique Training Video: 
Low Light Principles!
Watch This Live Fire Drill: 
Medium Range Draw Now!
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Home Defense :: Search & Clearing
$37 Value
This essential program will show you room search & clearing principles for one person and with a 2 person team along with low light search and movement techniques
Weapon Retention / Combatives
$67 Value
Sometimes even when we are armed it is essential to understand the role of combatives when trying to win a fight. This course covers self-defense skills you can use to defend your gun against an attack or when you are armed but can not shoot for whatever reason
Less Lethal Weapon Skills
$17 Value
Less Lethal weapons include chemical sprays, electronic stun guns, and impact weapons that are not meant to kill, but in some cases can. Less Lethal weapons such as the C-2 taser stun gun are some of the best tools you can utilize in your self-defense plan and this bonus will show you how.
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"I am only aware of one book that is a collection of practical defensive shooting skills, the concepts that underlie them and a clear methodology for developing them. Luckily for you, you are holding it." - Rob Pincus, I.C.E. Training Company
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  • Downloadable Access To All 26 Fitness, Handgun Technique & Firearm Drill Training Videos
  • 6-Week, 18-Session Training Program
  • 3 Fitness Workouts / Week
  • 3 Firearm Workouts / Week (2 Dry Fire, 1 Live Fire)
  • EXTRA COURSE: Warrior Medical
  • EXTRA COURSE: Weapon Retention / Combatives
  • EXTRA COURSE: Introduction to Competitive Shooting
Firearms, Fitness, Medical, Combatives & Situational Awareness Bundle
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