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A Complete Shooting & Fitness IDPA Competition Training Program
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I'm passionate about teaching students to perform at their best and to achieve their goals. The biggest reward I get is when one of my students achieves his or her goal of winning a big sanctioned match or making it to the top of their classification. Over twenty or so years, I've taken what I've learned from helping thousands of fellow shooters like you reach their goals and developed a program that gives you the essence of what you need to know to reach your goal.
This is a six week program that consists 25 individual video training sessions including a pre & post-assessment in fitness and firearms.
Are you as good as you want to be?
If not, then why not?   This program was designed by shooters, for shooters.  If you are an aspiring, or even experienced competitive shooter and you want to take your game to the next level, then this program is for you.  A completely new set of instructional videos and training drills systematically designed to give you the ultimate training program.  
Take the leap
Really!  There is no time like the present to attack your goals and be your best.   Why wait and let the one thing we can't get back (time) disappear?   Are you ready to be your best?  To take your game to the next level?   If so, then don't hesitate, take the leap.   You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 
Program Details 
This exclusive program includes goal setting, firearms training (instructional and drills), mental training, technical training (technique), and a complete physical fitness program designed for the practical and defensive shooter. There is nothing on the market like this! 
  • Content Access - Your training program is always at your finger tips, log in on any internet capable device or smart phone. 
  • Session by Session Breakdown - No guessing or wondering what to do next.  This program will guide you through your training step by step! 
  • Firearms Training Drills - A unique set of drills that flow from DRY fire to Live fire drills that are set up in a unique order to allow for a majority of your training to take place in the comfort of your home.   Each drill is shown in complete detail, and each one has a downloadable drill sheet for you to print! 
  • Comprehensive Fitness Program - A HUGE key to performing at your best is your physical fitness, and for the first time ever we are offering a complete fitness program.  This program requires almost ZERO equipment and can be done anywhere! 
  • Mental Section - Without the proper mindset, accomplishing your goals is very difficult.  This program has a complete mental section and tools to help you achieve your best. 
  • Access to the Expert - This program is unique in that you will be able to access a secret closed Facebook group AND have email access to the expert for your questions.  No other program we offer gives this! 
Here is a sampling of the Sessions-
  • Introduction To The Program 
  • Key Resource Page (Ebook and drill log sheets)
  • Pre-Training Preparation
  • Pre-Assessment Session 
  • Session One - Two Handed Grip Fundamentals
  • Session Two - One Handed Grip Fundamentals
  • Session Three - Target Acquisitions
  • Session Four - Live Fire Grip and Acquisition Drills 
  • Session Five - Master the Draw
  • Session Six - Use of Cover/Off Balance Shooting 
  • And Twenty more sessions follow, all the way up to advanced movement drills!
SESSION ONE: Two-Handed Grip Fundamentals
(This is what you'll get in every session!)
Warrior One Fitness Program
Session 1: Strength Endurance
Warm-up: 3 rounds
     • 100 meter run
     • 5x Push-ups
     • 5x Lunge e/s
     • 5x Mantis
1) 5 Rounds – 1 round every 90 secs
     • 20 seconds Squat Jumps or Jump Lunge
     • 70 seconds Rest
2) 5 Rounds – 1 round every 90 secs
     • 20 seconds Push-ups
     • 70 seconds Rest
3) 5 Rounds
     • 85% Max Reps Pull-up or Horizontal Pull-up
     • 60 second Rest
Additional Notes:
Hitting 3 strength endurance efforts today. Each new round start with the jumping variation. For part one you can choose either the jump squat or jump lunge. The jump lunge is the more challenging of the two. You’ll work for 20 seconds then rest for 70, for a total of 90 seconds. You need to work as fast as possible while doing the movements correctly. If you hit failure or have a severe decrease in movement integrity then just drop into regular squats or lunges for the Expect to hit failure on the push-ups, when you do simply transition to doing them on your knees. I know what you are thinking, “on my knees? That’s for girls...” We are looking for constant work during the 20 second period here, not a set number of “Man reps”. Part 3 is programmed as 85% max reps of either Pullups or Horizontal Pullups. For heavier athletes you will probably need to horizontal variation. 85% of max reps means that you work to where you are about 3 reps shy of failure. For some athletes this may be 10-15 reps and for others this may be 4-6 reps. As you move through the rounds expect your reps to start to decrease. For example my pull-up volume would look like 15 – 13 – 11 – 10 – 9. Each athlete will have a different training volume
Advanced Training:
     • 8 rounds of each circuit, focus on fast but high quality reps
     • Lower Body circuit add 15-25lbs of external loading in either a backpack or wear a plate carrier
     • Circuit 1 should be done at a higher intensity than Circuit 2 as there is rest 
     • Move at a hard pace but not maximal 
     • 200 meter run means run, not jog
Firearms Training Program
Session 1: Two Handed Grip
Video 1: Maximizing The Two Handed Grip
Click Image To Make Bigger
     1. Watch Maximizing the Two-Handed Grip
     2. Watch Introduction to the dry-fire drills
     3. Dry Drill: EPP Two-Handed
Video 2: Dry Fire Concepts
Video 3: DRY Extend Prep & Press - Two-Handed
What the testers had to say about the program...
Well put together, nice combination of physical and firearms training (very similar to warrior one). I like the "attainable training concepts" per session, not overwhelming and focused. Noticed the same reuse of content from other previous things, mixed with new content, and reinforces the exact same thing you teach live in training. (Super Consistent message)

Great program. Loved watching it. Great information given in a step by step format.

Very impressed, it's well thought out. Loads of great information. Easy to follow.

Great program. Loved watching it. Great information given in a step by step format
How does this program differ from Your Competition Handgun Training Program (book and DVD’s)?
     • A: While some of the content and drills are similar, this program was designed as a combined program with simple yet highly functional drills that are a bit less complex than the original program. Additionally this program focuses on all  of the key technique + the IDPA specific material that was not taught in my previous program.
I am a defensive oriented shooter, will this program help me.
      • A: YES! It will dramatically improve your defensive shooting skills. We simply recommend you follow it using your carry gun and gear.
I can not follow the program that many times per week, I don’t have the time.
      • A: You will get out of the program what you put into it. That is the simple truth. If you put less into it, expect less out of it and vis versa. How much you work at something will directly relate to your end skill level. We are not going to pull punches her, and do not believe in the magic pill approach to training. As a well known fitness trainer says: “Do your best and forget the rest!”
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"A systematic, session by session program designed for the Action Shooter.   This program was born from a desire to provide comprehensive, systematic training in an easy to follow and access format.  It will guarantee your success."
 Comprehensive 6-Week Program
 25 Firearms Training Video Sessions
 Session by Session Breakdown
 Firearms Training Drills
 Comprehensive Fitness Program
 Mental Section
 Pre & Post Assessment In Your Fitness and Firearms Skills
 Access to Experts via the Private Facebook Group
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