Here Are 3 Sessions From Action Shooter - IDPA Mastery Program
A complete fitness & firearms training system
SESSION ONE: Two-Handed Grip Fundamentals
Warrior One Fitness Program
Session 1: Strength Endurance
Warm-up: 3 rounds
     • 100 meter run
     • 5x Push-ups
     • 5x Lunge e/s
     • 5x Mantis
1) 5 Rounds – 1 round every 90 secs
     • 20 seconds Squat Jumps or Jump Lunge
     • 70 seconds Rest
2) 5 Rounds – 1 round every 90 secs
     • 20 seconds Push-ups
     • 70 seconds Rest
3) 5 Rounds
     • 85% Max Reps Pull-up or Horizontal Pull-up
     • 60 second Rest
Additional Notes:
Hitting 3 strength endurance efforts today. Each new round start with the jumping variation. For part one you can choose either the jump squat or jump lunge. The jump lunge is the more challenging of the two. You’ll work for 20 seconds then rest for 70, for a total of 90 seconds. You need to work as fast as possible while doing the movements correctly. If you hit failure or have a severe decrease in movement integrity then just drop into regular squats or lunges for the Expect to hit failure on the push-ups, when you do simply transition to doing them on your knees. I know what you are thinking, “on my knees? That’s for girls...” We are looking for constant work during the 20 second period here, not a set number of “Man reps”. Part 3 is programmed as 85% max reps of either Pullups or Horizontal Pullups. For heavier athletes you will probably need to horizontal variation. 85% of max reps means that you work to where you are about 3 reps shy of failure. For some athletes this may be 10-15 reps and for others this may be 4-6 reps. As you move through the rounds expect your reps to start to decrease. For example my pull-up volume would look like 15 – 13 – 11 – 10 – 9. Each athlete will have a different training volume
Advanced Training:
     • 8 rounds of each circuit, focus on fast but high quality reps
     • Lower Body circuit add 15-25lbs of external loading in either a backpack or wear a plate carrier
     • Circuit 1 should be done at a higher intensity than Circuit 2 as there is rest 
     • Move at a hard pace but not maximal 
     • 200 meter run means run, not jog
Firearms Training Program
Two Handed Grip
Video 1: Maximizing The Two Handed Grip
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     1. Watch Maximizing the Two-Handed Grip
     2. Watch Introduction to the dry-fire drills
     3. Dry Drill: EPP Two-Handed
Video 2: Dry Fire Concepts
Video 3: DRY Extend Prep & Press - Two-Handed
SESSION TWO: One-Handed Grip Fundamentals
Physical Training
Work Capacity + Core
Warm-up: 3 rounds
     • 25x Step-ups
     • 10x Bodyweight Squats
     • 3x Burpees
     • 5x Hydrants
5 Minutes – 1 round every minute
     • 10 seconds Burpees
     • 20 seconds Bodyweight Get-ups
     • 30 second Res
5 Rounds For Time
     • 15 Meter Bear Crawl
     • 200 meter run
3 Rounds
     • 20/20 Founder
     • 10x Facedown Back Extensions
Additional Notes:
Work Capacity is meant to be done just below your anaerobic threshold. I know, most of you probably don’t know yours, or may not even know what it means. That’s okay…for most athletes it will be 85-90% effort, a hard pace but not maximal.

Two efforts today with a short rest in between each. The first effort uses an interval format, so your output should be higher due to the included rest. Hit the burpees hard for 10 seconds, then bodyweight get-ups hard for 20 then take a 30 second rest. Repeat for 5 rounds.

Take a short 3 minute break to gather yourself then drop into the second effort which is a continuous format which means no rest. Crawl 15 meters, then do a hard 200 meter run, repeat for a total of 5 rounds.

After both those higher intensity efforts are done we’ll hit a core circuit as well as a low back circuit
Advanced Training:
Do 10 rounds of each for a total of 2×10 minute efforts. For the core circuit do 30 seconds for each movement.
Session Tips:
     • Circuit 1 should be done at a higher intensity than Circuit 2 as there is rest
     • Move at a hard pace but not maximal
     • 200 meter run means run, not jog
Firearms Training Program
Maximizing The One Handed Grip
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     Watch Maximizing the One-Handed Grip
     Dry Drill: EPP One-Handed
Dry Fire Concepts
SESSION THREE: Target Acquisition
Physical Training
Aerobic Conditioning
30 Minutes
     • 400 meter run easy run
     • 60 seconds of one strike (rotate each round through hand, knees, elbows)
     • ***substitute for the strikes if desired
     • 5x Mantis
Additional Notes:
This session is a combination of building aerobic capacity and combatives. 

The overall pace of this effort is meant to be easy as we are trying to primarily develop the aerobic energy system. To do this you need to train below your aerobic threshold, which for most athletes means that you will be moving at a conversational pace, or one where you can breath through your nose the entire time.

As you move through the program you will see the two variations of this session, both will have a single mode meant to be done at a conversational pace combined with combatives skills or sprinting skills (each develops speed). Every two weeks this session will progress by 5 minutes.
Advanced Training:
     • 45 minutes instead of 30

Session Tips:
     • Harder is not better in today’s session.
     • Keep the pace conversational and easy
     • 30 minutes in the minimum, if you can go longer do so, but let’s cap it at 45 minutes.
Firearms Training Program
Maximizing Target Transitions
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     1. Watch Maximizing Target Transition
     2. Dry Drill: EPP (Shot In X Pattern)
Video 2: Dry Fire Concepts
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