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Dryfire Drill Example 1:  Stationary Draw Hands Relaxed
Dryfire Drill Example 2:   Table Draw
Dryfire Drill Example 3: Stepping Reload
Dryfire Drill Example 4: Target Acquistions
16 Dry Fire Handgun Drills
To Work On Your Draw:
  • ​When your hands are relaxed at your sides
  •  When your wrists are above your shoulders
  • ​When there's multiple starting positions
  • ​While pivoting and/or stepping
  • From a table or platform
  • ​To a squatting, kneeling and prone position
  • ​While transferring it, and firing with your support/weak hand
To Work On Your Reload:
  • ​ While standing or stepping into another position
  • ​ While moving the gun to another target
  • ​ From a table
  • ​ And then transfer your gun to the support/weak hand
  • ​ Your gun with IDPA approved reloads
To Work On Your Target Acquisitions:
  • ​How to build the skill of acquiring targets with your gun
27 Live Fire Handgun Drills
The training drills are broken down into Micro and Macro drills. Each drill is designed to work a specific area of skill. 
Micro drills focus on one or two small portions of a technique.  
Macro drills are larger drills where the skills are mixed together to work on flowing from one technique to the next while performing all techniques correctly. 
Micro Handgun Drills
  • ​Work on the touch trigger mental program - how to touch the trigger while shifting visual focus from the target to sights
  • ​ Work on elements of the firing cycle using an ACP (Accelerated Competition Pull) And So Much More...
  • ​ Work on CCP (Controlled Competition Pull) trigger management while driving the gun horizontally
  • ​ Development of a strong, neutral grip
  • ​ Work on your static/pivoting/moving draws and firing cycle components to different target areas
  • ​ Work on your static/moving reloads while standing or stepping into positions
  • Building up your grip and applying proper firing cycle components with the strong and support hand after the transfer
  • ​ Work on applying proper firing cycle components while off balance
Macro Handgun Drills
  • ​ Work on the important points of the firing cycle and all fundamental aspects of marksmanship
  • ​ Work on applying proper firing cycle components while accelerating, decelerating, and while off balance
  • ​ Work on short movement into position and the use of stage markers
  • ​ Work on the important points of entering and exiting positions
  • ​ Work on proper body movement into positions
  • ​ Work on using the stop markers
  • ​ How to correctly perform the firing cycle on the move, stabilizing the gun and calling good shots
  • ​ Working on multi-directional movement
  • ​ Working on aggressive/sprint entry movements
  • Shooting while acquiring targets of the same and varying sizes
  • ​ Work on recognition of the correct sight picture faster, and acquiring targets of varying sizes
  • ​ How to shoot from disadvantaged positions with varying size targets
  • ​ Work on building the grip and shooting with the strong and support hand after the transfer
  • ​ How to move quickly to different shooting ports/positions and to improve the ability to execute the firing cycle from those positions
  • ​ The fundamentals of shooting and hitting at long distance
  • ​ Learn the proper index points on hard cover targets, and the speed at which they can be shot