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Develop The Rifle Skills Needed To Survive A High Stress Encounter
This powerful program will show you the concepts, routines and drills necessary to win the gunfight... You'll get 29 Training Videos, Your Defensive Handgun Training Program Book, Your Drills Training Book & Your Training Logbook ($199 Value)
This powerful program will show you the concepts, routines and drills necessary to win the gunfight... You'll get 29 Training Videos, Your Defensive Handgun Training Program Book, Your Drills Training Book & Your Training Logbook ($199 Value)
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From: Mike Seeklander, Nationally Recognized Professional Firearms Instructor

Former U.S. Marine, Federal Air Marshall, Police Office and Federal firearms instructor, Co-Host of The Best Defense T.V. Show on the Outdoor Channel. 

Dear Defensive Shooter, Warrior, Defender:

Your Defensive Rifle Training Program is the ultimate functional training program designed to develop your skills while using the superior weapon system, the rifle. Whether you are an armed citizen, Law Enforcement Officer, or member of the U.S. Military that uses a rifle as a home defense or tactical tool, success requires an incredible amount of skill. Don’t make the mistake of being the one who fails to prepare yourself for the fight of your life!
The book is written for AR-15 type rifle systems, but also covers training with and the use of several other variations of rifles, including manually operated rifles.
          • Rifle Selection and Modification
          • Mental Preparation
          • Physical Preparation
          • Firearm Skills Development
          • Alternate Methods of Training
          • The Training Design Cycle
          • Rifle Marksmanship and Manipulation Techniques
          • Rifle Retention Techniques
          • Close Quarters Techniques
          • Low Light Techniques
          • And much more!
This complete Defensive Rifle training system includes the PDF training program book, log book and video library that will take your skill to the next level.
As a professional trainer and shooter, I have spent my entire life training and teaching what I cover in this program. To stay in line with how I teach, I will address you in the first person, as if you're here with me and we're training together. I feel that this is the best way for me to relay information as efficiently as possible.
I'll show you how to assess different techniques so you can pick the right ones based on your dynamics and to fit your personal style. What works for me may not work for you, and what works for you now may not work for you in a year from now. Technique is (and always should be) evolutionary.
I tend to focus more on the fundamentals of training than specific techniques themselves. Although this book does contain a section on technique, I promised myself when I started this project that this would not be another “Here is how to do a draw or reload” book. Rather, it is a manual on understanding the concepts of high performance training methods and a complete program to hit your self-defense goals. 
Until Then - Train Hard!
-Mike S.
What You Get
 Technique & Gear Videos
 9 Dry Fire Drills
 14 Live Fire Drills
     (27-Videos, 2.5-Hours)
 Your Defensive Rifle Training Program
 Defensive Rifle Training Logbook 
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This complete Defensive Rifle training system includes Your Defensive Rifle Training Program Book with 23 Drills, your Training Logbook, and the 27 video library that will take your skills to the next level!
Your Defensive Rifle Training Program
Chapter 1: Introduction & Background
 Introduces you to the program and my thought processes
 Helps you understand where the material came from
Chapter 2: Defining & Understanding Training 
 Introduces you to the concepts and theories of training and how they work
 Teaches you about how you learn
 Gives you principles that a good training program should follow
Chapter 3: Selecting and Accessorizing Your Rifle and Gear
 Covers the details of actually selecting a rifle for use as a defensive tool and accessorizing to maximize your effectiveness
 Covers key features that a good rifle should have including caliber and ballistics
 Focuses on the AR-15 but also includes non-traditional rifle selections
Chapter 4: Mental Preparation for the Fight
Not many of us were born with the desire to harm others. Therefore, this chapter will:
 Guide you through the process of mentally preparing yourself for a fight
 Help prepare your mind by breaking down the process of developing skills programs
 Teach you the importance of visualization
 Give you some tools to control your stress levels during a lethal encounter
 Help you mentally connect better to your training
 Help you increase the value of each training repetition you execute
Chapter 5: Physical Preparation for the Fight
This chapter addresses the much overlooked physical fitness aspect of winning a fight. Being physically fit is a huge part of succeeding in any venue, from high level competitive shooting to a gunfight.
Chapter 6: High Performance Rifle Manipulation and Marksmanship Techniques
This section will help you understand the technique and terminology referenced in the drills...
 I will give you some thoughts on how you should go about finding good sources of technique
 I will show you how to evaluate and weed out those information sources that will be a waste of your time and money
 This section is what I know to be the best technique to date and comes from a wide variety of sources and I give credit to instructors where applicable
Check Out All The Skills You'll Work On:
Rifle Deployment
     • Home Deployment
     • Vehicle Deployment
     • In Between Access
Rifle Marksmanship
     • 6 Steps To Recoil Control
     • Prone & Kneeling Positions
     • 3 Sight Management Skills
     • Mechanical Offset
     • 5 Trigger Management Skills
Rifle Manipulations
     • 5 Step Dead Trigger Transition
     • Reloading Techniques
     • 3 Malfunction Clearing Techniques
Movement Techniques
     • 90-Degree Pivot
     • 180-Degree Pivot
     • Offline Movement
     • 5 Shooting While Moving Techniques
     • Rearward Movement
     • Moving Mount
One-Handed Manipulations
     • 2 One-Handed Shooting Techniques
     • Transition
     • One-Handed Malfunction Clearance
     • 3 Ways To Do One-Handed Reloads
     • Task Fixation
     • Checking Your Gear
     • Selecting The Right Technique
     • Training For One-Handed Manipulations
Close Range Techniques
     • 4 Weapon Retention Strategies
     • 2 Close Quarters Shooting Positions
Low Light Techniques
     • Light Selection and Placement
Using Cover (for protection and bracing the rifle)
     • 3 Shooting Positions While Using Cover
Chapter 7: Rifle Skills Development Training Program (Training Drills and Schedule)
This chapter is largely the “meat and potatoes” of the book and it addresses:
 How to prepare for a lethal encounter by developing your shooting skills to the highest levels through dry fire and live fire drills
 My experience taking high performance shooting to the next level in the competitive handgun world
 Understanding the differences and similarities using your handgun for combat and competition
Chapter 8: Alternate Methods of Training
Ammunition is expensive! This chapter discusses the use of airsoft and .22 caliber conversion kits for training purposes.
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Chapter 9: Documentation and Modification of the Training Program
This chapter is taken directly from Your Defensive Handgun Training Program and is included because of the importance of documenting your training and modifying your training program for continued evolution.
 Shows you how to review, analyze, and modify your training program and drills once you have gone through the training cycle
 Includes a training logbook I developed to address this need
 Shows you how you can and should always push your skill to the next level 
Your Defensive Handgun Training Logbook is pre-formatted to work directly with the full training program that can be found in the book.  It includes a goal setting and mental program worksheets, dry-fire, live-fire, and skills test log pages as well as the skills test and tracking sheet. Training is the key to your success, but without tracking you lose half of its value. Use this logbook to track your results!
Chapter 10: Testing Your Skills with The Rifle Skills Test (RST)
This chapter contains a simple, yet effective and objective live fire test to measure your skill level.
Chapter 11: Manually Operated Rifles (for Self Defense)
If you are limited to a manually operated rifle, you are certainly not alone! This chapter quickly discusses key concepts of selection and use.
Think of each chapter you go through as a step in the process you need to go through to develop your skill and truly prepare yourself for a lethal encounter.
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A Message From Jeramy Smith

Former Army Ranger/Combat Veteran
“Mike Seeklander once told me in regards to shooting, "We are all students of the game." No truer words have ever been said about the art of the gun, and this phrase has been echoed to my students many times. I have had the fortunate opportunity to shoot with some of the greatest shooters the military has to offer, and I have learned all that I know from the very best. I sought out Mike after articles I had read in Front Sight magazine while putting together a marksmanship program, his training and shooting lessons explained a lot to me and just made sense. Upon the first time we met at the range it was apparent this man and I were speaking the same language, Mike has this affect on all shooters. I have included Mike on almost every course I have developed, law enforcement and military. His ability to understand the fundamentals and push you to be your very best are unlike any instructor I have shot with. Mikes constant thirst for knowledge and self-improvement are a constant reminder to us all, that we are still learning and growing in this very dangerous business. Mike has shot with all walks of life, police, military, competitive, and civilian shooters alike. His ability to speak, train, and learn from all are what make him one of the very best in the business. I would go through the breech with Mike anytime. RLTW!”
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