Thank you for your interest in this training. As promised, here are 5 Dry & Live Fire Drills from my book Defensive Handgun Training Drills:
2 Dry Fire Drills
Drill 1: Stationary Draw
To build the manipulation skill of drawing the gun from the holster.
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Drill 2: Stepping Draw
To build the manipulation skill of drawing the gun from the holster while moving offline or to cover.
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3 Live Fire Drills
Drill 3: Five Shot Group
To verify gun and ammunition combination is shooting point-­‐of-­‐aim (POA) to point-­‐of-­‐impact (POI), by shooting a group on a specific spot. To verify basic mechanics on the process of sight and trigger management. Once you verify the gun is zeroed with the ammunition you are training with, analysis of other training factors is easier (i.e. you don’t blame the gun for a bad shot). This five shot group should also be shot with your defensive ammunition on a regular basis.
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Drill 4: Pivoting Draw
To work on the pivoting draw and firing cycle components.
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Drill 5: Shooting and Moving, Multi-Directional
The purpose of this drill is to learn how to correctly manage the sights and trigger while on the move, stabilizing the gun and calling good shots.
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